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"But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you."

Deepak Chopra

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Being healthy is a wonderful feeling! When you have a strong health foundation, health becomes easier to create and sustain. Our purpose here is to help you do just that. For sensitive people, it is vitally important to have strong health creating practices because the stress that we experience is exceptionally destabilizing. Even if you are doing a lot of things right, you can still go out of balance because of stress alone.

Health can be a very complex subject. We have so many parts to our bodies to be concerned about, in addition to our mental and emotional health. Health can seem complicated but it does not have to be that way. Sure, if you want to be healthy there is a learning curve. However, with a little effort, it is possible to simplify the subject so that you can create a solid foundation of health practices that will support your well being.

This health section of the Sensitive Evolution website is invested in helping you cut through the complexity so you know what you have to do to create your personal health foundation.

This website is only for informational purposes. It will not provide answers to illnesses and specific conditions. Our interest is in helping sensitive people learn what is needed to be healthy so they have fewer illnesses. However, please be sure you consult with your physician if you have any uncertainty about any new practices you want to undertake. Sensitive Evolution is not a medical website and is not trained or licensed in the medical field.

The information here is solely about Ayurveda since we have personally experienced its benefits. In addition, we are offering a few products which will help you establish and maintain a self-supporting health program. Everything we offer comes from two of the most important and respected Ayurvedic support websites in the United States, Banyan Botanicals and Lifespa, with whom we have an affiliate relationship. What we are offering will help you establish your health foundation but of course, you are welcome to try any of their amazing products.


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3 Keys To Good Health

Discover the 3 foundational keys to health that will minimize illness of all kinds and support your ability to function well.

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The Importance Of Digestion

Learn why the quality of your digestion can affect all aspects of your well being including your emotional health.

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Meditation is a wonderful tool for relieving stress and detaching from the stress in our modern world.

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Skin Care

Our skin tells us a lot about our health. Learn how to take care of your skin so you look good and feel good.

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Check out information on the three main doshas and take the dosha quiz to find out more about your constitution.

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Embrace Your Lymph

Your lymph system is poorly understood and more important than most other systems. Check out why.

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Check out some of the best and most gentle cleanses available. Discover the tools that will keep you in top form.

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Learning Ayurveda

Becoming knowledgeable about the various tools in Ayurveda will put you in control of your health.

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Daily Routine

Learn about the health issues of sensitive people and some key factors to address to achieve optimum health.

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Stress And Your Body

You should not always be outside your comfort zone. Here are some tools to honor your need for comfort.

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Cleanses are only one tool of good health. Rejuvenation is important also for restoring healthy functioning.

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There are many resources about Ayurveda for sensitive people. Here are some important ones.

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