"But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you."

Deepak Chopra


Cleanses are our way of interrupting destructive processes in the body. When incorporated on a regular basis we are ensuring our ongoing health no matter what our age.

If you are doing the Ayurvedic daily schedule you are automatically cleansing because some of the practices are designed to help you cleanse. The morning routine support lymph cleansing and the schedule supports effective digestion. The routine helps you minimize toxic buildup in your body.

Nonetheless, because of the toxic conditions in the world, even the most conscientious Ayurvedic follower is well served to do healing cleanses.  There are two different cleanses we are offering here:

  1. the Colorado Cleanse which is done in the spring and fall. It cleanses the digestive and lymph systems and is done over a period of several weeks. It is offered with group support or you can do it on your own. The Colorado Cleanse is also offered in a more limited way as a Short Cleanse program that you can do over several days.
  2. the Lymph Cleanse is the only readily available structured lymph cleanse I am aware of. It is specially designed to clear the lymphatic system of built-up toxic residue. It includes a variety of herbs for a complete cleanse. In addition to the major lymph nodes throughout your body, it targets the brain lymph as well as the microchannels so that you release all of the toxic buildup in your system. It will also help you release toxins stored in fat and help you with weight loss.

To learn more, visit the cleanse program information below.

Protect Yourself With Cleanses

Remove The Impacts Of Stress And Toxins With Cleanses.


The Confusing World Of Eating, Dieting And Cleansing

Dr. John Douillard sorts out the confusion about eating, dieting and detoxing.

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Detox Wisdom Backed By Science

Read this article to learn about several studies that support the benefits of detoxing.

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6 Steps To Decongest The Lymph System

Learn about the 6 ways you can support the drainage of your lymph system. 

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Best Ways To Detox The Brain

An article and video that shows how lymphatic congestion can occur in the brain and what to do about it.

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Learn More About Cleanses

The cleanses listed below take you to information about the entire cleanse program. These cleanses are available in a variety of formats:

  • guided cleanses for the Colorado Cleanse twice a year in the spring and fall
  • create your own cleanse program. This is great for people who have done a cleanse and perhaps have some of the supplies in their home.

These are flexible programs. They each offer a book that you can purchase if you want to learn more before taking the plunge.


Anytime Colorado Cleanse

The Colorado Cleanse is a 2-week at-home detox and digestive reset program, designed to help detoxify fat-soluble toxins that can store for years in the fat cells. Unlike other fad cleanses, it is rooted in sound medical science and the ancient cleansing wisdom of Ayurveda.

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Short Home Cleanse

The Short Home Cleanse (SHC) was designed for those who would like a little taste of what our 14-day Colorado Cleanse is like, and busy folks who don’t have the time for a longer cleanse. 

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Lymphatic Cleanse

While the Colorado Cleanse and the Short Home Cleanse are powerful lymph-cleansing detox programs, this kit is more specifically focused on the lymph for more targeted benefits in a 1-3 month lymph-scrubbing cleanse.

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Colorado Cleanse Book

This excellent book details the process of the Colorado Cleanse so that you know exactly why and what you will be doing. It is empowering and informative. A must have if you want to do cleansing well. You will return to it again and again.

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Short Home Cleanse Book

This book will take you through the Short Home Cleanse so that you can successfully obtain its benefits. Available as a free ebook or hardcopy. It is a great reference to have in your health library for when you want to have a short cleanse.

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Miracle Of Lymph EBook

Based on nearly 100 scientific references, this eBook provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the lymphatic system, lymphatic congestion, and how it relates to the major systems of the human body. Phenomenal guide to the lymph system.

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