"But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you."

Deepak Chopra


Some of the many benefits of meditation for sensitive people include:

  • reduced anxiety
  • less stress
  • less free radical activity because of less stress
  • improved mental functioning
  • reduces chronic stress symptoms as in PTSD
  • improved sleep
  • improved mental and physical relaxation

Meditation is a beneficial long-term process that helps us learn to detach from everyday events so that we can continually be in a natural and joyful state of flow. In addition, according to scientific research, meditation impacts gene expression which affects our ability to be our best self.

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Meditation Has Profound Effects On Our Wellbeing


Mantra: The Power Of A Word

The repetition of a single word over and over has profound effects on us, especially in halting self-criticism.

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Nobel Prize Winner Studies Meditation

Meditation has an anti-aging benefit according to the research of a Nobel prize winning scientist.

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10 Breathing Exercises to Restore Mind-Body Balance

Breathing exercises have a direct impact on the nervous system. Learn more about how breathing exercises can help you as a sensitive person.

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Changing The World Through Yoga And Ayurveda

Both yoga and Ayurveda help us develop the inner muscles so that we live from the inside not from outside pressures which makes them good for sensitive people.

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Meditation Course


Transformational Awareness Technique

The Transformational Awareness Technique (TAT) is a complete meditation method brought to you by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP and compiled from over thirty years of meditation experience, both in personal practice and teaching.

Over the course of six weeks, you learn a powerful series of non-denominational meditations appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike and designed to go beyond stress relief to creating real transformational change in your life.

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